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Sound Forge CSi Starter (Csi Starter)

Sound Forge CSi Starter (Csi Starter)

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Book Description If you’re a beginner looking for a new approach to mastering the basic features of Sound Forge, then "Sound Forge CSi Starter" is the guide you need! This interactive, tutorial CD-ROM allows you to work your way through a basic production from start to finish as you discover how easy it is to get down to the business of producing a song. Sit back and watch a DAW pro show you the ins and outs as you work through two hours of movie tutorials on topics such as Getting Started, Adding Effects, Automation Envelopes, and Export Options. Use the quizzing feature to test yourself along the way. "Sound Forge CSi Starter" is full of movie tutorials that include not only basic functionality, but also production techniques, special shortcuts, key commands, and before and after audio examples.