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I'm Just a DJ But...It Makes Sense to Me

I'm Just a DJ But...It Makes Sense to Me

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Book DescriptionLegendary radio personality Tom Joyner comes out from behind the microphone to share the wit and wisdom that made him a star.Hall of Fame disc jockey Tom Joyner uses his signature brand of humor to discuss everything from business to careers to relationships as he shares the insights and lessons he+s learned along the way. Now the host of a radio show that is the most popular media outlet ever among African Americans, Joyner started his career at a small AM radio station in his home stateof Alabama, working his way across the midwest, and eventually landing in Chicago. In 1985, he made headlines as -The Hardest Working Man in Radio+ when he worked a morning show in Dallas in addition to his afternoon show in Chicago. His daily commute earned him the nickname -The Fly Jock.+ In 1994, he convinced ABC Radio to syndicate his program, and The Tom Joyner Show-a mix of comedy music, and guests who range from Stevie Wonder to Tipper Gore-was born.