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Reason CSi Starter (Csi Starter)

Reason CSi Starter (Csi Starter)

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Book Description You’re new to Reason and you need to get up and running quickly. Reason™ CSi Starter is here to help. This interactive, tutorial CD-ROM allows you to work your way through a basic production from start to finish as you discoverhow easy it is to get down to the business of producing a song. Sit back and watch a DAW pro show you the ins and outs as you work through over two hours of movie tutorials, including Audio/MIDI Setup, ReWire Setup, Importing REX Files, Toolbar Overview,Mixing with reMix, Adding Effects, Exporting Mixes, Backing Up Sessions. Use the quizzing feature to test yourself along the way. Reason ™ CSi Starter is full of movie tutorials that include not only basic functionality, but also production techniques, special shortcuts, key commands, and before and after audio examples.