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Wind and Water : Boating Photographs From Around The World

Wind and Water : Boating Photographs From Around The World

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Book DescriptionThis dazzling book of photographs of sailboat cruising and racing by the premier sailing photographer and award-winner, Onne van der Wal. Onne van der Wal is a world-class maritime photographer whose original body of work is recognized and coveted by boat lovers worldwide. WIND AND WATER features a variety of photographs that will captivate everyone from the casual boating enthusiast to the experienced Grand Prix racer. What sets van der Wal's work apart from the rest is its artistic style: whether he climbs atop a 75-foot mast for a bird's-eye view of a sloop cutting through crystal-blue waters or crouches on the deck during a race for a brisk action shot, van der Wal delivers brilliant photographs that capture the harmonious experienceof being on the water. The book contains exhilarating shots of intense yacht racing all over the world, from the America's Cup to the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta. It also features dramatic photographs of sailboats cruising in exotic destinations such as the Southern Ocean (between Cape Town and New Zealand), the South Pacific, and the Arctic.