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What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Parkinson's Disease: A Holistic Program for Optimal Wellness

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Parkinson's Disease: A Holistic Program for Optimal Wellness

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Book DescriptionThere are over one million people in the U.S. living with Parkinson's disease, a debilitating neurological disorder. Patients can now choose from a variety of increasingly effective treatments, including new drugs, revolutionary surgical techniques, and cutting-edge alternative treatments such as intravenous glutathione therapy. The book covers not only the pros and cons of prescription drug and surgical treatments for Parkinson's, but discusses the latest alternative therapies, includingherbal treatments, traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, diet, exercise, mind-body approaches like Tai Chi, and energy work. With special sections focusing on how patients can deal with persistent problems such as fatigue, depression, and balance problems, and unique chapters that specifically address the interests of the growing number of both caregivers and young-onset Parkinson's patients, this book is a must for anyone looking to alleviate the disabilities caused by this devastating illness.Download DescriptionWHAT YOUR DR. MAY NOT TELL YOU ABOUT PARKINSON'S DISEASE is the indispensable bible for the over one million people currently living with this debilitating neurological disease.This book explains the mechanisms behind Parkinson's disease and provides detailed information about common-and lesser known-symptoms. It summarizes the primary means of diagnosis, and covers all of the conventional treatments-including l-dopa and surgery-along with their pros and cons.A large part of the book is devoted to the groundbreaking alternative treatments for Parkinson's disease including glutathione therapy-a safe, effective program designed around an over-the-counter natural supplement that has had astonishing success overseas. Other alternativetherapies in the book include diet/exercise, homeopathy, Ayurvedic medicine, and energy work.A special section of the book focuses on ways that patients can deal with persistent symptoms such as sleep problems, freeze attacks, anxiety, depression, musclespasms, etc. Attention is also given to caregivers and to the friends and families of Parkinson's patients. This is an invaluable resource for anyone dealing with the debilitating effects of Parkinson's disease.