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Essence Beauty Basics and Beyond

Essence Beauty Basics and Beyond

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Book DescriptionFrom the beauty experts at Essence Magazine comes a must-have book forthe African-American woman. Every woman wants to be told, -You lookabsolutely fabulous!+ and this guide to looking your best easily showsyou how. The Essence Beauty Book celebrates beauty both on the inside andthe outside, and provides step-by-step advice to the best hair, skin andmake-up for the African-American woman. Discover the how-to on flawlesscomplexions, makeup shades that are right for your skin tone, naturaland relaxed hair, the best hair color for you, and other techniquesthat maximize your strengths and minimize your flaws, the classic looksthat will never go out of style...and more!¥ Includes beauty advice from the editors of Essence-beauty isone of the most popular sections of this monthly magazine.¥ Essence+s Total Makeover (1999, Crown) was a popular seller; this bookincludes updated beauty tips and more, including a section on hair.¥ Essence Magazine sells over 1 million copies per issueand hasapproximately 8 million loyal monthly subscribers.¥ Essence Magazine has provided a national voice for theAfrican-American community for over 30 years.