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Liu Fang. Le Song De Soie

Код товара: 2786337

High Mountains And Rippling Waters (Guzheng Solo)

Jasmine Flowers (Pipa, Bansuri)

The King Of Chu Doffs His Armour (Pipa Solo)

Primary Meeting (Pipa, Kora)

The Dragon Boat (Pipa Solo)

Gold-Embroidered Tapestry (Guzheng Solo)

Kanding Love-Song (Pipa, Kora)

Autumn Moon Over The Calm Lake (Guzheng Solo)

Light Wind In A Cloud Of Falling Snow-Flakes (Pipa,Bansuri)

Autumn Moon Over The Han Imperial Palace (Pipa Solo)

A Walk In The Country Of Dreams (Pipa, Oud)