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The Japanese have bombed Pearl Harbor. The U.S. teeters on war. The roundup of Japanese Americans is about to begin. And in L.A., a Japanese family is found dead. Murder or ritual suicide? The investigation--increasingly politicized as the novel unfolds--will draw four people into a totally Ellroy-ian tangle: a brilliant Japanese American forensic chemist; an unsatisfiably adventurous young woman; one police officer based in fact (Williard "Whiskey Bill" Parker, friend of the Kennedy's, head of the Marilyn Monroe investigation), the other the product of Ellroy's inimitable imagination (Dudley Smith, arch villain of The Big Nowhere, L.A. Confidential, White Jazz). As their lives intertwine we are given a story of war and of consuming romance, a searing expose of the Japanese internment, and a gripping murder mystery. Ellroy delves into the intellectual and emotional lives of his characters as never before, but Perfidia has the full-strength, unbridled story-telling audacity that has marked all the acclaimed work of this self-proclaimed "Demon Dog of Fiction."