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Dmitri Hvorostovsky. Sviridov. Russia Cast Adrift

Код товара: 2936827

'Tis Pleasant Here (Op. 21 № 7)

Everything Passes (Op. 26 № 15)

The Answer Was Given (Op. 21 № 4)

A Song For My Cornfield (Op. 4 № 5)

Heed Me Not, Dear (Op. 14 № 7)

I Wait For You (Op. 14 № 1)


The Night Is Sad (Op. 26 № 12)

I Am Alone Again (Op. 26 № 9)


I Left My Home Behind

Open Before Me, O My Guardian Angel

Silver Path

Russia Cast Adrift

Simon, Peter... Where Are You? Come To Me

Where Are You, O My Father's House

Beyond The Hills Of The Milky Way

It Sounds, It Sounds, The Fateful Trumpet!

An Owl Cries In Autumn

Oh, I Believe, I Believe In Happiness!

My Homeland, O Happy And Eternal Hour!