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Geri: Just For the Record

Geri: Just For the Record

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Geri Halliwell has been written about more than almost any other pop artist. But how much of it is true? This glorious mix of over 100 exclusive photographs and an honest and heartfelt text was one of the biggest publishing events of 2002. Now, in this new mass-market format, Just for the Record will do it all over again in 2003.

With over 70,000 words of text, Geri’s story is revealing, frank, brutally honest and, at times, shocking. The book reveals the real story of her life over the last five years. But it is Geri’s telling of her personal battle to overcome the eating disorders that have plagued her since childhood which really makes her book stand apart. There has never been a celebrity book like it when it comes to explaining the stark reality of weight obsession.
New Ed edition.