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The Impact of Internet Culture on Urban Bangladesh:

The Impact of Internet Culture on Urban Bangladesh:

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Humans are best capable for adaptation, development, evolution, transmission, success and changes. Historically our culture and society have transformed through the consumption of power, energy and technology. It is technology which has a direct impact on the culture and heritage of humans. Bangladesh has a distinct cultural practice and Internet is contributing to change the cultural patterns of urban people and create a distinctive cultural heritage. This book, based on an intensive anthropological research, focuses on the process of changes brought by Internet Culture giving birth to multi-dimensional opportunities for urban Bangladesh. Similarly this has driven the urban people to see the world globally. Today our practices of language, reading and writing are facing a renewed spirit. Accordingly it is necessary to identify and document the precedents and prospects of Internet Culture where the works of social scientists would bring some new ideas and issues for discussion. This study depicts the picture of urban areas to formulate new hypothesis. We think a true digital Bangladesh is no far away if the opportunities generated by Internet can be fruitfully implemented.
Precedents and Prospects