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Towards an Eco-Centric Perspective in Education

Towards an Eco-Centric Perspective in Education

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The goals of education all over the world are just about man. Education, through its theory and practice, has helped develop very anthropocentric attitudes in man where he assumes that the other members, especially the biotic community, of the universal ecosystem are subordinate to him. Due to man’s anthropocentric attitudes, which are basically destructive in essence, the world has experienced profound and adverse effects which include but not limited to Climate Change, Ozone layer destruction, high rate of desertification, and all sorts of environmental degradation or destruction. This is the tragic dilemma in the world which education must take into account. Education defines the destiny of man in the world and that the world and human beings do not exist apart from each other, they exist in constant interaction. Therefore, the theory and practice of education should be restructured in order to develop eco-centric attitudes; where man appreciates that other forms of life have intrinsic value in their very selves, and that man should relate to other members of the biotic and abiotic community as “equal” partners for mutual benefit.
Restructuring Educational Theory and Practice to Inculcate Eco-centric Instincts in Learners