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After Effects @ Work (Dv Expert Series)

After Effects @ Work (Dv Expert Series)

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Motion graphics is the animating of digital images to create new looks, sophisticated special effects, and network logos. Adobe After Effects is the leading software application for creating motion graphics. From animating background images to creating film-style title sequences, After Effects does it all.

After Effects @ Work presents a creative array of real-world techniques for using After Effects in video and film work. The tutorials are commercial projects that the artists created for a client budget of $10,000 or less, using only the plug-ins that come with the software. Special focus is given to the fundamental techniques that are important to novice motion graphic artists. The companion DVD contains the source files required for the reader to replicate the techniques as well as Apple QuickTime presentations of the final projects. The projects cover a wide range of practical applications including low-budget commercials, multivideo trade show presentations, broadcast animation, big-screen film trailers, DVD menu graphics, and Web animation with Flash.