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Image Compression using Wavelet Transform and Other Methods

Image Compression using Wavelet Transform and Other Methods

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Different methods for compression were suggested and investigated; these methods exploit the space segmentation, frequency transform, and quantization features. Various transforms schemes were test to involve different methods combinations. Image coding algorithms based on coupling frequency domain with spatial domain has attracted wide attention because its good performance appears to confirm the promised efficiencies of hierarchical representation. Space segmentation is an important step in analyze the interested reign. This step works as a feature classification to determine the way to derive with each segmented region. The region is a variable size block, which step over the disadvantages of fixed size blocks by using the Quadtree partitioning. Wavelet Transform provides a framework of variety of research areas. In this book the architecture of Lifting Scheme was implemented by adopting the Wavelet filters 9/7tap and 5/3tap. Vector Quantization is a well-known technique among the blocks based compression techniques. Several modifications have been proposed, implemented and tested, the results indicated that the performance of the suggested system is well acceptable.
Image Compression System using Various Wavelet Transform with Vector Quantization and Quatree Segmentation