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Apple I Replica Creation: Back to the Garage

Apple I Replica Creation: Back to the Garage

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"The Apple ][ was really the computer designed from the ground up that would kick off personal computing on a large scale. But the Apple I took the biggest step of all. Some very simple concepts are very hard to do the first time. This computer told the world that small computers should never again come with geeky front panels, but rather with human keyboards, ready to type on."

1. BUILD ITWhat's a little dried blood on the breadboard? A small price to pay for having some fun with multimeters, logic probes, wire-wrap tools, soldering irons, TTL chips, circuit boards, chip pullers, and straighteners.

2. PROGRAM ITTough guys don't code with Visual Studios and Object Libraries. They program their hardware the most efficient and difficult way possible: assembly language.

3. PLAY WITH ITOnce you're done, begin writing software and modifying the hardware design. The results will both impress and scare your friends. Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

4. MODIFY IT.McCAD EDS-SE400 is an integrated Electronic Design System which takes the designer through the complete design cycle: Schematic capture, PCB layout, and board fabrication. McCAD software gives the electronic designer the technical range needed, and at the same time provides control and flexibility. The Apple1 Replica was designed with the McCAD EDS SE400. Additional McCAD Product information can be found at www. McCAD. com

Contents of this Book Include:


1: The History of the Apple 1

2: Tools and Materials

3: Digital Logic

4: Building the Replica

5: Programming in BASIC

6: Programming in Assembly

7: Understanding the Apple I

Appendix A: ASCII Codes

Appendix B: Operation Codes and Status Register

Appendix C: OpCode Matrix

Appendix D: Instructions by Category

Appendix E: Hacking Macintosh

Appendix F: Electrical Engineering Basics

1 edition