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Learning Mechanisms

Learning Mechanisms

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Competences are sine qua non for the success of Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) but how do enterprises acquire them? This book sheds light on how Ghanaian graduates in MSEs acquire specific technical, management and marketing competencies which are critical for their business operations. The graduates who have different initial human capital and are in different business sectors acquire their competencies using different learning mechanisms. The mechanisms for their lifelong learning include opportunity and bonding networks, on-the-job experience and self-directed learning from the communication and mass media. The study, among others, provides insight into the key competencies for MSE success and the learning preferences of graduates in enterprise. The findings provide important information for building capacities of MSEs. They also serve as food for thought for learning providers regarding the key competencies that need to be emphasized in entrepreneurship education. Finally, they have implications for the relevance of the different modes of teaching and learning a trade.
MSEs in Ghana