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Avid Xpress Pro Editing Workshop

Avid Xpress Pro Editing Workshop

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Go beyond the mechanics of Avid Xpress Pro 4.6—learn how to edit with it! More than a button-pushing manual, this editing workshop delivers practical insight into the art and technique of editing. You develop a working knowledge of the principles and techniques of editing that enable you to shape your raw footage into a coherent, compelling, original story. Thirteen lessons cover each and every essential, including: • Nuances of system set-up to ensure smooth operation • Customizing the interface settings to optimize workflow • Capturing and Importing • Media management • Basic editing techniques • Editing with the Timeline • Trimming to polish your sequences • Working with audio, including audio effects and mixing • Adding effects and transitions with nesting and keyframing • Color Correction to restore or achieve shot-to-shot consistency • Styling your titles: filling text with video, rolls and crawls, and more • Outputting to your choice of media Put your new-found skills to the test by performing the chapter tutorials. Complete project files, including Quicktime movies and royalty-free stock footage, are included on the companion DVD.