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XX век. Ретропанорама. Jack Hylton

Код товара: 3227020

Life Begins At Oxford Circus

My Heart Belongs To Daddy

Tid-Dle-Id-Dle-Um-Pum! (Browne Mandoline)

A-Tisket, A-Tasket

Softly As In A Morning Sunrise

Darktown Strutters Ball

Run, Rabbit, Run

Our Love

South American Joe


The Toymaker's Dream

Fallin' In Love Again

Did You Mean It

Lonesome Little Doll

Midnight Blue

You're The Cream In My Coffee

My Prayer

Shinaniki Da

The Grasshoppers' Dance

Yours Sincerely

Wish Me Luck

Ol' Man River

A Cup Of Coffee, A Sandwich And You