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Instant ACID

Instant ACID

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ACID Pro 5 continues to break new ground in loop-based music composition. Novices can use it for basic loop-based composition drawing on the enormous talent of the loop-based creators to assemble a song by painting loops on the timeline. Musicians can augment existing loops by recoding their own loops, or by using it to create entire tracks that don't loop.
This Instant series guide uses carefully detailed screenshots and step-by-step directions to detail how you can use ACID in a concise, time-efficient way. Beginning with a review of the fundamental concepts, you get a complete guide to loop-based music including advanced looping techniques, methods to create your own loops, as well as a grab bag full of valuable tips and tricks. Beyond looping, you learn how to:
•A‚A·Customize the interface to your preferences
• Work with a video tracks
• Beatmap to remix, fix tempo drift, or create new tracks
• Use Groove Quantization to improve rhythmic timing
• Achieve an efficient workflow with the Media Manager
• Record digital audio and MIDI
• Sync ACID with other software programs
• Apply effects plug-ins
• Mix for optimal effect
•Master and burn the final project