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How to Cheat at IT Project Management

How to Cheat at IT Project Management

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Most IT projects fail to deliver, on average, all IT projects run over schedule by 82%, run over cost by 43% and deliver only 52% of the desired functionality. Pretty dismal statistics. Using the proven methods in this book, every IT project you work on from here on out will have a much higher likelihood of being on time, on budget and higher quality.

This book provides clear, concise, information and hands-on training to give you immediate results. And, the companion Web site provides dozens of templates for managing IT projects. You don't need an advanced degree in project management or a black belt in Six Sigma methodologies to improve your IT project results. What you need is a clear, concise and easy-to-implement system for managing all IT projects.

This book will teach you how to improve your IT project results from start to finish without bogging you down in complex project management jargon or systems. This book provides hands-on training to help you get immediate results. You can read the book straight through or work through it chapter by chapter--either way, you'll pick up invaluable tools to help you on your next (or current) IT project. From idea to implementation, any IT project you work on will benefit immediately from applying the concepts in this book. If you could increase your project's ROI by 80%, reduce your project's schedule by 20% and increase your project success rate by 35%, wouldn't you do that? These statistics are the average improvements seen after implementing IT project management. This book will assist you in improving every aspect of your IT projects and you'll learn to develop the right size plan for your project-- not a one size fits all approach.