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How to Cheat at Managing Information Security

How to Cheat at Managing Information Security

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This is the only book that covers all the topics that any budding security manager needs to know! This book is written for managers responsible for IT/Security departments from mall office environments up to enterprise networks. These individuals do not need to know about every last bit and byte, but they need to have a solid understanding of all major, IT security issues to effectively manage their departments. This book is designed to cover both the basic concepts of security, non-technical principle and practices of security and provides basic information about the technical details of many of the products - real products, not just theory. Written by a well known Chief Information Security Officer, this book gives the information security manager all the working knowledge needed to:

  • Design the organization chart of his new security organization
  • Design and implement policies and strategies
  • Navigate his way through jargon filled meetings
  • Understand the design flaws of his E-commerce and DMZ infrastructure