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John Williams. Star Wars. Episode I

John Williams. Star Wars. Episode I

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Star Wars Main Title And The Arrival At Naboo

Duel Of The Fates

Anakin's Theme

Jar Jar's Introduction And The Swim To Otoh Gunga

The Sith Spacecraft And The Droid Battle

The Trip To The Naboo Temple And The Audience With Boss Nass

The Arrival At Tatooine And The Flag Parade

He Is The Chosen One

Anakin Defeats Sebulba

Passage Through The Planet Core

Watto's Deal And Kids At Play

Panaka And The Queen's Protectors

Queen Amidala And The Naboo Palace

The Droid Invasion And The Appearance Of Darth Maul

Qui-Gon's Noble End

The High Council Meeting And Qui-Gon's Funeral

Augie's Municipal Band And End Credits
Издание содержит постер с фотографиями из кадров фильма и дополнительной информацией на английском языке.