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John Mayall. CD 2 (mp3)

Код товара: 3453162

Spoken Introduction By Red Holloway

Changes In The Wind

Burning Down

Play The Harp

A Helping Hand

I Got To Get Down With You

He's A Traveling Man

Separate Ways

Room To Move

Tucson Lady

Parchman Farm

There's Only Now

The Teaser

Hide Away

The Bear

Lonely Birthday

Low Down Blues

Another Man

Why Worry

Road Show

Mama Talk To Your Daughter

A Big Man

Lost And Gone

Mexico City

John Lee Boogie

Reaching For A Mountain

Baby, What You Want Me To Do

Somebody's Acting Like A Child

Rolling With The Blues

The Laws Must Change

Parchman Farm

Have You Heard

Fly Tomorrow

Steppin' Out

Chicago Line

Gimme One More Day

One Life Ot Life

The Last Time

Dream About The Blues

Fascinatin' Lover

Cold Blooded Mama

Dirty Dozens

Tears Came Rollin' Down

Life In The Jungle

Accidental Suicide

Force Of Nature

Boogie Albert

Television Eye

Prisons On The Road

Home Again

Mr. Censor Man

Looking At Tomorrow

Blue Fox

Devil's Tricks

Marriage Madness

Dream With Me

I Want To Go

Congo Square

Send Me Down To Vicksburg

Let's Work Together

I Can't Complain


All My Life

Rock & Roll Kitchen

Rock It In The Pocket

An Eye For An Eye

Rise Again

Keep On Rollin'

The Same Old Blues

A Long Long Way (1981)

A Long Long Way (1984)

High Rollin' Man

Lonely Feeling

Ridin' On The L & N

My Babe

Muddy Waters Blues

Maggie's Boy

Italiano Style

Hard Times Again

You Never Can Be Trusted

Howlin' Moon

Ridin' On The Santa Fe

I Should Know Better

My Time After Awhile

She Can Do It

Lookin' For Willie

Get Me Some Dollars

Mail Order Mystics (Bonus Track)

Maydell (Bonus Track)

I Could Cry (Bonus Track)

Loaded Dice (Bonus Track)

Nature's Disappearing (Bonus Track)

Ain't That Lovin' You Baby (Bonus Track)