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Fairport Convention (mp3)

Код товара: 3453125

Genesis Hall

Si Tu Dois Partir


A Sailor's Life (Тraditional)

Cajun Woman

Who Knows Where The Time Goes?

Percy's Song

Million Dollar Bash

Come All Ye

Reynardine (Тraditional)

Matty Groves (Тraditional)

Farewell, Farewell

The Deserter (Тraditional)

Medley: The Lark In The Morning / Rakish Paddy / Fox Hunter's Jig (Тraditional)

Tam Lin (Тraditional)

Crazy Man Michael

Lord Marlborough (Traditional)

Sir William Gower (Traditional)

Bridge Over The River Ash (Traditional)

Wizard Of The Worldly Game

The Journeyman's Grace

Angel Delight

Banks Of The Sweet Primroses (Traditional)

Instrumental Medley: The Cuckoo's Nest / Hardiman The Fiddler / Papa Stoor (Traditional)

The Bonny Black Hare (Traditional)

Sickness And Diseases

The Hexhamshire Lass (Traditional)

Polly On The Shore (Traditional)

The Brilliancy Medley / Cherokee Shuffle (Traditional)

To Althea From Prison


Bring 'Em Down

Big William

Pleasure And Pain

Possibly Parsons Green


Matthew, Mark, Luke And John

Knights Of The Road

Peggy's Pub

The Plainsman

Hungarian Rhapsody

My Girl

Me With You

The Hen's March / The Four Poster Bed (Тraditional)

Furs And Feathers

Orange Blossom Special

John Lee

Bridge Over The River Ash (Traditional)

Sir Patrick Spens (Traditional)

Mr. Lacey

Walk Awhile

Bonny Black Hare (Traditional)

The Journeyman's Grace

Meet On The Ledge

Rubber Band

Sir Patrick Spens (Traditional)

Banks Of The Sweet Primroses (Traditional)


Staines Morris (Traditional)

Matty Groves (Traditional)

Mason's Apron (Traditional)

Reynard The Fox (Тraditional)

The Hiring Fair

Crazy Man Michael

Close To The Wind

Sack The Juggler

Meet On The Ledge

Set Me Up

The Noise Club

Red And Gold

The Beggar's Song (Тraditional)

The Battle

Dark Eyed Molly

The Rose Hip

London River

Summer Before The War

Open The Door Richard

Claudy Banks (Traditional)

All Your Beauty

Cup Of Tea! / A Loaf Of Bread / Miss Monahan's (Traditional)

Rhythm Of The Time

The Card Song / Shuffle The Pack (Traditional)

Mock Morris '90

Sock In It (Put A Sock In It For Me)


The Wounded Whale (Traditional)

Jewel In The Crown

Slip Jigs And Reels

Surfeit Of Lampreys

Kind Fortune (Traditional)

Diamonds And Gold

The Naked Highwayman

The Islands

The Youngest Daughter (Traditional)

London, Danny

Summer In December

Travelling By Steam

She's Like The Swallow (Traditional)

Red Tide

Home Is Where The Heart Is
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