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Why I Didn't Kill My Former In-Law

Why I Didn't Kill My Former In-Law

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“Why I Didn’t Kill My Former-In-Law” This story is based on true events. It is the unimaginable horror of what happened to Marge Gleason, left with haunting memories of her mother’s death and her former-in-law who continued to make millions by conning the legal system, and getting away with it because of her close relatives who are judges in a small town. They have a delicious plan to rip off Marge of what was rightfully hers left by her mother in her Will. A few hours after the passing of Marge’s mother, the former-in-law and two of her children robbed Marge’s mother’s home, where they discovered a hidden fortune left to Marge by her mother. This was Marge’s money. But they stole the documents as proof in order for Marge to fight what was legally hers. None of them ever hesitated about having Marge knocked-off. Marge had no doubt they would do what they have threatened and the chaos was just the beginning. But Marge refused to live like a prisoner given the circumstances or the disturbing effect they had on her. The former-in-law was determined to be in control of Marge’s mother’s Will through the power of her relatives sitting on the bench in the law of justice. Marge did not become the angry woman who takes the law into her own hands. Instead, she followed the law of righteousness and did not kill her former-in-law, even though she was constantly tempted every day. Marge learned the hard way how to control her emotions. This took every ounce of personal discipline, even as she was being stalked daily for months at a time by an evil, violent, unpredictable sociopath known as the former-in-law that tried to murder Marge and would have murdered her for her mother’s estate. Even though Marge found it hard to contain her fright at the thought of being eaten alive, she continued to live her life as she prayed for protection every night from a money hungry terrifying nasty former-in-law who lives without a conscience and her only thoughts are, ‘Money is my God.’ (All the Names have been Changed until the Guilty are Exposed) At the end of the book there is a Self Help chapter which includes: Don’t Let this Happen to You! How to Protect yourself as a Rightful Heir!
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