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How To Eat Fried Worms. Music From The Motion Picture

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Normal People Don't Eat Worms

Mark Mothersbaugh - Yum Yum Song

Joe Has A Ring

Matthew Sweet - The Tide Is High


Kool & The Gang - Jungle Boogie

Mental Powers

2 Unlimited - Get Ready For This

You're Hurting My Bike!

All Too Much - Gone

Worm Juice!

The Wipeouters - Rocket Full Of Power

No More Cooking

The Rockin' Worms - Nobody Likes Me

Disgusting Recipes

The Rockin' Worms - Worm Guts

Radioactive Slime Delight

James Brown - I Got You (I Feel Good)

Just Like Chicken

Young Mc - Bust A Move

You Couldn't Eat One

Hampton The Hampster - The Hampster Dance Song

Boys Are So Weird

Simone White - 3 Little Bird

All Because Of A Worm

Mark Mothersbaugh - Wormboy

Mark Mothersbaugh - The Brown Toad

Mark Mothersbaugh - The Two Headed Witch

Worm Boy