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Cathy Berberian. Berio. Recital I For Cathy / Folk Songs

Код товара: 3262034

Reciatal I For Cathy: Se I Languidi Miei Sguardi

Reciatal I For Cathy: Amor, Dov"E La Fe

Recital I For Cathy: "Ah! He Hadn"T Been There Before..."

Recital I For Cathy: "Cl That's The Sound That Has Been Haunting Me..."

Recital I For Cathy: Avendo Gran Desio

Recital I For Cathy: "Who Hasn't Taken A Piece Out Of My Life?"

Recital I For Cathy: Musician Exchange: "These 5 Men..."

Recital I For Cathy: Exc: Mahler, Delibes, Rossini, Etc

Recital I For Cathy: Calmo E Lontano: "Libera Nos"

Folk Songs: Black Is The Colour...

Folk Songs: I Wonder As I Wander...

Folk Songs: Loosin Yelav...

Folk Songs: Rossignolet Du Bois

Folk Songs: A La Femminisca

Folk Songs: La Donna Ideale

Folk Songs: Ballo

Folk Songs: Motettu De Tristura

Folk Songs: Malurous Qu' O Uno Fenno

Folk Songs: Lo Fiolaire

Folk Songs: Azerbaijan Love Song

Song Of Sexual Slavery

Le Grand Lustucru

Surabaya Johnny