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Pixel Surgeons (Mitchell Beazley Art & Design S.)

Pixel Surgeons (Mitchell Beazley Art & Design S.)

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Pixel Surgeons is an affordable, stylish, must-have sourcebook of radical, brand-new photography by the most talented practitioners from across the world. Media awareness and discriminating aesthetics have provoked a multi-layered language of photography, and digital technology has introduced a level of image manipulation that has further enriched the genre. Today’s photographic communicators must offer visions that grab the viewer by the throat, because that’s what it takes to satisfy the market’s craving for continuously more imaginative imagery. And that’s what the work of these exceptional new international practitioners of photography, styling, and digital manipulation do. Professor, illustrator, writer, and all-around fashion expert Martin Dawber provides an illuminating and revealing exploration of their artistry, strategies, methods, and influences.A