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Software Piracy Exposed

Software Piracy Exposed

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For every $2 worth of software purchased legally, $1 worth of software is pirated illegally. For the first time ever, the dark underground of how software is stolen and traded over the internet is revealed. The technical detail provided will open the eyes of software users and manufacturers worldwide! This book is a tell-it-like-it-is expos of how tens of billions of dollars worth of software is stolen every year.

Did you know that most of the software on your computer, and nearly every program you've heard of, can be obtained without charge? In less time than it would take you to drive down to your "friendly neighborhood computer store" and purchase a software program, you can download the exact same program from the internet for free! Obtaining something intended to be sold without paying is "controversial" to say the least. But whether you call if "free for the asking," "software piracy," or just out-and-out "stealing;" downloading, copying, and sharing software is being done by thousands of people everyday. This book explains the epidemic problem of software piracy in great detail for both software users and manufacturers.