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Digital Media in the Classroom (Digital Media Academy)

Digital Media in the Classroom (Digital Media Academy)

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Transform your K-12 classroom into a 21st century learning center with cutting-edge, standards-based, and easy-to-use digital media projects. Learn how to integrate digital media tools with core academic content in lesson plans and increase student participation in class projects.

Increase the learning potential of your students with software, the Web, interactive games, desktop publishing and moviemaking. Tap into their diverse intelligences with the use of an array of digital accessories including still and video cameras, microphones, lighting systems, scanners, and printers.

Implement an innovative curricular framework to stimulate critical and creative thinking among young learners. Motivate them with real-world learning activities that develop problem-solving, collaboration, and effective communication skills. Engage them as authors, designers, publishers, inventors, and entrepreneurs achieving subject matter mastery while exploring today's new digital media tools.

The companion CD-ROM includes files for each of the book's projects. Lesson plans include vital elements of an effective curriculum, such as standards, content, organization, and technology. Each of the activities can be adapted to K-12 grade levels.