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Das Alte Werk. Purcell. Dido And Aeneas

Das Alte Werk. Purcell. Dido And Aeneas

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Dido - Ann Murray
Belinda - Rachel Yakar
Aeneas - Anton Scharinger
Sorceress - Trudeliese Schmidt

1. Overture


The Palace

Belinda: Shake The Cloud From Off Your Brow
Chorus: Banish Sorrow

2. Dido: Ah! Belinda
Belinda: Grief Increasing By Concealing
Chorus: When Monarchs Unite
Dido: Whence Could So Much Virtue Spring
Belinda, 2nd Woman & Chorus: Fear No Danger

3. Belinda: See, Your Royal Guest Appears
Chorus: Cupid Only Throws The Dart
Aeneas: If Not For Mine...
Belinda: Pursue Thy Conquest, Love
Chorus: To The Hills And The Vales

4. The Triumphing Dance


Scene One: The Cave

5. Prelude
Sorceress: Wayward Sisters
Chorus: Harm's Our Delight
Sorceress: The Queen Of Carthage
Chorus: Ho Ho Ho
Two Witches: Ruin'd Ere The Set Of Sun?
Chorus: Ho Ho Ho

6. Witches: But Ere We This Perform
Chorus: In Our Deep Vaulted Cell
Echo Dance Of Furies

Scene Two: The Grove

7. Ritornelle
Belinda & Chorus: Thanks To These Lonesome Vales

8. 2nd Woman: Oft She Visits Ritornelle
Aeneas: Behold, Upon My Bending Spear
Belinda & Chorus: Haste, Haste To Town

9. Spirit: Stay, Prince


Scene One: The Ships

10. Prelude
Sailor & Chorus: Come Away, Fellow Sailors
The Sailor's Dance

11. Sorceress: See The Flags And Streamers Curling
Our Next Motion
Chorus: Destruction's Our Delight
The Witches' Dance

Scene Two: The Palace

12. Dido: Your Counsel All Is Urg'd In Vain
Chorus: Great Minds Against Themselves Conspire

13. Dido: Thy Hand, Belinda
Dido: When I Am Laid

14. Chorus: With Drooping Wings
Издание содержит буклет с дополнительной информацией на английском, немецком и французском языках.