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Beautiful People with Beautiful Feelings

Beautiful People with Beautiful Feelings

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Your whole life has been leading up to the point where you are looking at this.

"Remember, you can have anything. You just have to think it.

Just kidding, life isn't that simple."-Donny Miller

Hip, edgy, and irreverently funny, th art of Donny Miller builds a bridge between Roy Lichtenstein and Raymond Pettibon. Illustrated by bold images, paired with simple, yet poetic, lines of text, Donny Miller's pieces reveal the many facets of human emotion. From the poignant to the absurd BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE WITH BEAUTIFUL FEELINGS distills the humor and irony of life into relatable, iconic images. With his finger on the pulse of today's cultural climate, Donny Miller exposes everyone's private, self-centered universe with his innovaive and unforgettable art.