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Time: Exploring the Unexplained

Time: Exploring the Unexplained

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As Shakespeares Hamlet knew, there are more things on heaven and earth than are dreamt of in our philosophies. Now Time explores the most challenging and enduring mysteries of heaven and earth, life and death, space and time, mind and matter in the fascinating new book,Exploring the Unexplained: The Worlds Greatest Marvels, Mysteries and Myths. This richly illustrated volume will take readers on a marvelous journey into the unknown. From Bigfoot to the Bermuda Triangle, aliens to yetis, dowsing to the Da Vinci Code, telepathy to Crossing Over, TIME will separate truth from rumor and fact from fantasy.The book includes new scientific reports from worlds we are only beginning to understand, including new findings on twins and telepathy, mind and body studies, and the surprising power of prayer.