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Life: Picture Puzzle

Life: Picture Puzzle

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The most popular feature in Life magazine every weekperhaps the most popular weekly page in any American publicationis the Picture Puzzle. This game has become a must-have activity in a great majority of the 13 million households Life reaches every Friday. Hundreds of Life's readers have demanded "We want a Picture Puzzle book!" And here, in a special 192-page collection, that demand is met. There are variations on themes and variations on the game itself, as scores of color and vintage black-and-white photographsmany from the famous Time-Life Picture Archivesare twisted, doctored, and otherwise toyed with, all in the name of fun and entertainment. For the first time, the Picture Puzzle is offered in three different degrees of difficulty. Like the Ultimate Crossword book before it, this book will fly off the shelvesnot just in bookstores, but in airports and supermarkets. From the first issue of the new Life magazine, Picture Puzzle has been a hit, and the same will be true of Life's Picture Puzzlefrom the moment the first copy hits the shelf.