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The High-Performance Mind

The High-Performance Mind

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Wise wants to provide readers of her first book with a methodology for developing specific brainwave patterns for achieving an awakened state of mind. She believes a high-performance mind can provide self-healing, solve emotional problems, improve relationships, and promote better general health, relaxation, and stress management. Wise depends heavily on the work of her late mentor, Dr. C. Maxwell Cade (The Awakened Mind, LJ 2/15/79), the progenitor of British EEG biofeedback. This is not a book for casual readers; the many diagrams of brainwave patterns may not always be accessible to those without a solid introduction to the topic, and the language requires much a priori knowledge; some of it is just plain confusing. The brief explanation of four brainwave types at the beginning of the book to define exactly what she intends to deal with provides only a cursory overview and raises more questions than it answers. The exercises that readers are asked to perform to reach the desired higher-performance mind are time-consuming, require a deep commitment to persevere, and may best be accomplished with the help of a qualified therapist. A marginal purchase.
New Ed edition