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Russian Cookbook

Russian Cookbook

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With this handy, easy-to-follow guide you can create over 200 hearty flavorful dishes that have delighted the Russian palate for generations. Here are complete recipes for such taste-tempting traditional fare as borsch, shashlik of salmon, Russian meat loaf with rice "zrazy," Russian squab in sour cream, potato kotlety, pirozhki and pirogi, blini, the traditional Easter dessert "paskha" and many more.
Best of all, you need only ingredients from your local grocery to make a wide range of delectable dishes, from one-dish meals to sumptuous party spreads. In addition to the recipes you'll also find fascinating facts about the origins of Russian foods, whole sections on soups, meats, fish, vegetables and sauces; as well as helpful hints for saving time and money when buying and preparing food. There are a dozen ways to dress up herring, turn sour cream dishes into a gourmet's delight and use meat and vegetables to make healthy, filling salads. You'll even find a recipe for a useful household remedy made from left-over apple peels!
A descendant of the Russian aristocracy, Kyra Petrovskaya collected these authentic traditional recipes from her mother and grandmother. Requiring no more effort than ordinary meals, the recipes invite today's cooks to explore the rich culinary traditions of Mother Russia and to bring new variety and interest to mealtime.