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True to Life: Personal Study Workbook: Upper-Intermediate

True to Life: Personal Study Workbook: Upper-Intermediate

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True to Life is a five-level course designed especially for adult learners of English. The course takes learners from complete beginner to upper-intermediate level.
True to Life is built around topics, language, tasks, and approaches to learning which adult learners will find relevant, stimulating and enjoyable.
Key features of the Upper-intermediate level are:
  • Tasks and content which will successfully engage the interest of adult learners.
  • Use of learners' own knowledge, experience and creativity.
  • Extensive opportunities for practising grammar and vocabulary through speaking.
  • A wide range of tasks to develop writing skills.
  • 'Dual level' recordings, offering a choice of simpler or more challenging versions of many listening tasks.
  • Review and development in every unit.
  • Project work.
  • Grammar Reference at the back of the Class Book.
    The Upper-intermediate level consists of 18 units and three projects, providing upwards of 71 hours of class work, depending on the options followed.
    The Personal Study Workbook provides further practice and consolidation of language for learners to use on a self-study basis. It contains both structured and open-ended material, covering grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation exercises and skills work, plus a full answer key. The Personal Study Cassette or Audio CD contains the recordings of the listening texts and pronunciation exercises for the Personal Study Workbook.

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