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Dragons: A Book of Desigs

Dragons: A Book of Desigs

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Reptilian in appearance, able to fly, and possessing supernatural powers, dragons were also said to be vigilant guardians of fair maidens, treasures, and villages. The age-old mythical creature, depicted in a wide array of configurations, is featured in this striking collection of original designs.
Scores of black-and-white images of the powerful monster - all permission-free - are based on motifs from fairy tale collections, medieval French and Celtic manuscripts, Japanese and Chinese artwork, and other rare sources. Depicted are smoke-and-fire-breathing dragons, scaly creatures of the sea, powerful beasts endangering the lives of mariners, Celtic dragons with interwoven body parts, and much more. Ideal for book and magazine illustration, these imaginative representations will also appeal to craftworkers and fans of legendary curiosities.

Формат: 21 см x 28 см.