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390 Traditional Stained Glass Designs

390 Traditional Stained Glass Designs

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Stained glass craftspeople looking for authentic Victorian- and Edwardian-era designs will find them in this rich new collection by period stained glass expert Hywel G.Harris.
Prompted by a desire to preserve authentic specimens of domestic stained glass designs - rapidly disappearing in postwar England because of destruction, adulteration and neglect - the author photographed a multitude of windows, transoms, sidelights and other stained glass elements in houses constructed between 1890 and 1920. The designs in this practical compendium have been directly rendered from those photographs and presented in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Included are lovely floral and foliate motifs, a remarkable array of geometries, transitional designs showing the influence of Art Nouveau and more.
Of immense value to stained glass workers, this impressive, easily affordable sourcebook will also function as an inspiration for graphic artists and a useful reference for architectural historians.