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The Best of The Algarve

The Best of The Algarve

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"The Best of The Algarve" included are sections featuring: an introduction to 20 highlights; sightseeing, including places like beaches, nature reserves, historic buildings, galleries and museums, or parks and gardens; activities such as sports, activities for children, unusual activities unique to the area, suggested routes for walking tours, and organized tours; shopping, covering both shops and markets; accommodation with listings by area and price category; eating out, covering the food of the region, as well as listings of suggested venues by area and price; entertainment including nightlife, music, theatre, festivals, casinos, pubs and clubs and spectator sports; excursions cross-referenced with the excursions map and including transport options, distance and contact details; and travel tips which cover everything from transport and money to personal safety and etiquette. Included are city/regional maps, detailed area maps and public transport maps for city destinations.

Формат: 10,5 см x 19,5 см.