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The Complete Fashion Sourcebook

The Complete Fashion Sourcebook

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This collection of drawings shows the radical, and often exhilarating, changes in fashion styles throughout the modern period. From the emancipated 1920s to the status-conscious 1980s, fashions have modified in line with changing times and mores, affected by social conventions, shifts in economic prosperity and advances in techniques of mechanization. Men's fashion has moved more slowly than women's, and is often concerned with nuances of style, but the changes perceptible in women's fashion have been astonishingly wide-ranging.
This Sourcebook is divided into seven parts, each representing a decade. Each decade contains sections on Day Wear, Evening Wear, Sports and Leisure Wear, Underwear and Negligee, Wedding Wear and Accessories, providing a rounded insight into modern developments and trends.
Charts at the back of the book reveal at a glance the evolution of the fashionable silhouette throughout the decades. Brief biographies and histories of the most important international designers and couture houses are also included. Finally, a1 select bibliography is provided to assist those who may wish to take their studies further.

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