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The Inro Handbook: Studies of Netsuke, Inro, and Lacquer

The Inro Handbook: Studies of Netsuke, Inro, and Lacquer

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For collectors who have discovered the delights of such miniature Japanese art forms as the inro and the netsuke, this authoritative and enlightening book offers a wealth of valuable information. That it also affords entry to a world of fascinating design and superb craftsmanship goes without saying. In addition to illustrating in color and discussing in detail 108 distinguished inro and their accompanying netsuke, as well as 18 related miniature objects, it presents highly informative essays on the making of inro, on pearl-shell inlays, and, in particular, on the materials and techniques of lacquer art, the last of these with 62 color photos. It also furnishes an extensive list of lacquer artists' signatures with 386 photos. It is refreshing to have an author tell his readers not only what his book is but also what it is not.
Mr.Bushell points out that he is not making an unnecessary emotional appeal in praise of lacquer. His objective is far more practical. This book is the product of his efforts to understand the structure underlying the beauty of lacquer art and to provide clear and simple explanations. Because other books on the subject had not satisfied him, he undertook his own basic research, and here he presents the information he acquired through painstaking study with master lacquer craftsmen and other authorities.
The reader will instantly recognize that Mr.Bushell has made a singular advance over his predecessors by writing with complete clarity on this complicated but endlessly alluring subject. To call his book a landmark of paramount importance is certainly no exaggeration.

Издание на английском языке.