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My Name Was Judas

My Name Was Judas

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The story of Jesus as told by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John is well known, but what about the version according to Judas? His name became synonymous with betrayer, but is that how he saw it himself? In this witty, original, and teasingly controversial novel, Judas finally tells the story as he remembers it. Looking back on his childhood and youth from an old age the gospel writers denied him, Judas recalls his friendship with Jesus, their schooling together, their families, the people who would go on to be disciples and followers, their journeys together, and their dealings with the powers of Rome and the Temple. His is a story of friendship and rivalry, of a time of uncertainty and enquiry, and a testing of belief, endurance, and loyalty. With a richly painted backdrop of ancient Palestine, this is riveting new take on the infamous story.