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Photo Art: The New World of Photography

Photo Art: The New World of Photography

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This book is a comprehensive survey of photography in the early 21st century. It is a rich medium which reflects the changes in society like no other, giving visual expression to its commonplaces and peculiarities, its hopes and disappointments, its desires and obsessions. For this reason alone, it seems an indispensable element of our modern culture. Quite apart from the infinite treasure trove of pictures in family albums, newspapers and other forms of print, new means of communication such as the Internet or the mobile phone-cum-camera have led to a positive explosion of photographic images.
Even in this new millennium, however, people are asking the same old questions: Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? The basic questions may not have changed, but our answers may well have. They emerge from changing social conditions that affect individuals, families, nations and indeed the whole of mankind. At the same time photography, which since it was first invented has always been a means of grasping reality, has also changed, adopting new, hybrid modes of narration in order to document the current state of the planet.
This book presents the work of more than one hundred photographers from all over the world and reveals all the innovative and exciting ways in which the photographic medium has developed in recent times. The collection includes enigmatic objects, impressive installations, individual art books or the cheap-looking results of mass production. Normal-sized prints may be stuck on a wall with sticky tape, giant-sized prints may cover an entire surface, newspaper images may be assembled into collages, or sealed in large format behind shining screens of Plexiglas. Technically almost anything is possible. It was only a matter of time before this vast potential found its way into new concepts of art.

Формат издания: 21,5 см х 27 см.