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Traditional Remedies

Traditional Remedies

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Long before the discovery of modern medicines, families used remedies based on plants to treat everyday illness, and now there's a tremendous revival of interest in these home remedies. Not only are they often gentler than manufactured drugs, but many of them are known to be effective too. This handy little book is packed with advice and recipes, including sections on compresses, teas, and rubs that will soothe joint pains and headaches; tried and tested ways in which families have relieved the symptoms of colds and the flu without antibiotics; gentle remedies that will help promote relaxation and reduce stress; practical advice and solutions for insomnia; and safe ways to stimulate blood flow and relieve conditions such as varicose veins and cramps. It also includes women's folk remedies to help with menstruation, nursing, childbirth, and menopause; as well as a short list of natural ingredients to add to a first-aid kit.
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