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Classic Household Hints: Over 500 Old and New Tips for a Happier Home

Classic Household Hints: Over 500 Old and New Tips for a Happier Home

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Long ago (before Pledge, Handi-Wipes, and Scrubbing Bubbles), in a galaxy far, far away (Picketfence, U.S.A.), folks wouldn’t think of letting strange people—or strange chemicals—do their housework for them. It was a simpler time when, armed with nothing more than a can of Bon Ami and a box of Oxydol, people set about creating their own tidy vision of happiness—clean, homey, and oh so inviting.

Classic Household Hints returns to those lovely days of yesteryear to gather hundreds of time- and money-saving tips on all things chez nous-—from cleaning and organizing your home to buying and handling food. Want the freshest eggs in the store? Pick the ones whose shells feel roughest to the touch. Is that expensive floor wax remover you bought lying down on the job? Simple ammonia will do the trick. The book’s quick-take, better-than-ever information is accompanied by lively full-color retro illustrations, fascinating sidebars, quotes, and mini-facts that provide a frisky, informal look at American home life from the 1920s through the 1960s. This winning combination makes Classic Household Hints the perfect gift for nostalgia-hungry baby boomers, soon-to-be-homemakers, and neat freaks of every persuasion.