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Pools and Spas

Pools and Spas

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Let Sunset test the waters for you--so you can dive right in! This new edition of Swimming Pools and Spas helps you navigate the many choices and steps involved in making your dream pool or spa a reality, from exploring gorgeous design and landscape options, to estimating costs and working with contractors. You'll find chapters on design and equipment that detail the types of materials used to build pools and maintain them; plus options for buying vs. building a spa. The landscaping chapter goes overboard with ideas for privacy plants, decking materials, lighting, outdoor structures, and accessories. . Features: Perfect for readers in the market to build or install a pool or spa, or for those looking to enhance their existing pool or spa
  • Features an inspiring array of swimming pools and spas in a variety of landscapes and climates
  • Comparison of pool materials, including pros and cons, as well as relative costs
  • Guides you through the construction process and working with contractors
  • Ideas for beautiful landscaping around your pool or spa, plus ideas for special occasions
  • Detailed advice on safety, maintenance, upkeep
  • 5 Edition.