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Straight into Darkness

Straight into Darkness

294 руб.
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The terrifying concept seems apt for the slaying of a young society wife dumped in the vast English Garden in 1929 Munich. Homicide inspector Axel Berg is horrified by the crime and disturbed by the artful arrangement of the victim's clothes and air - a madman's portrait of death.
Berg's superiors demand a quick arrest; anyone who can e demonized will do. When a second body is discovered, the city erupts into panic, the unrest fomented by a wild-eyed, hate-mongering Adolf Hitler and his Brownshirt party of young thugs, erg can trust no one as he hunts a ruthless killer, dodging faceless enemies and back-alley intrigue, struggling to bring a end to justice before his country - and his life - veer...

Формат: 10,5 см х 17 см.