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Baroque Ornament and Designs

Baroque Ornament and Designs

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Baroque art and architecture - extravagant in concept, exuberant in spirit, elaborate in detail - flourished in seventeenth-century Europe, and through the ages has continued to stir us with its vitality and dynamism, its mood of barely suppressed passion. In the architecture of St. Peter's in Rome, St. Paul's in London, and Sta. Maria della Salute in Venice; in the works of Michelangelo, Bernini, and Rubens, the Baroque spirit lives today. Now graphic artists can add Baroque flair to almost any graphic project with this magnificent collection of permission-free motifs.
The seventeenth-century French artist Jacques Stella embodied the Baroque sensibility Early in his career, Stella spent seven years in Florence, working for the Medici prince Cosimo II and enjoying the acquaintance and advice of the master engraver Jacques Callot. He spent another ten years in Rome, where he came under the artistic influence of his friend Nicolas Poussin. On his return to France, championed by Cardinal Richelieu, he became court painter to Louis XIII, and founded a career that makes him esteemed as one of the major French artists of the seventeenth century. This book presents engravings executed by Stella's niece after drawings of Classical motifs probably made by Stella during his years in Italy. These engravings, first published in Paris in 1658, comprise a magnificent sourcebook of ready-to-use Baroque design, filled with highly embellished individual ornaments, decorative motifs, and a dazzling array of border elements.
Included are lush florals and foliates, fruit, leaves, birds, shells, acorns and more - as individual ornaments, rosettes, as repeating motifs in a frieze and in other useful arrangements. Now this sturdy, inexpensive edition makes them available to a wide audience for convenient reproduction as well as for study, inspiration, and enjoyment.