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How to Close Every Sale

How to Close Every Sale

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Joe Girard, bestselling author of How to Sell Anything to Anybody, takes readers step-by-step through the selling process straight past the gatekeeper and into the prospects office. First published in 1989 by Warner, "How to Close Every Sale" is back with timeless sales advice. Teaching readers how to overcome objections and how to close even the most difficult sale, here are the inside tips, the philosophies, the fundamental principles, and the crucial fine points many salespeople overlook. Joe Girard explains how to make a prospect feel obligated to buy the product. He discusses how to recognize the right times for subtle high-pressure tactics and how to go double or nothing and close that sale now or never! Whether its casual browsers or professional buyers, the world's greatest salesperson will show readers how to turn every prospect into a closed sale, double even triple their income, and become the number-one salesperson in their field.